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Hector dolphin leaping

Fish type - Freshwater

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for the 12 month period to 30/09/2016


The codes in the species code column with a superscript, e.g. BYA! –highlights those species with a fishing year period 1 April – 31 March. (Except species ANG which has different fishing years for its stocks, specifically; ANG13! has a February – January fishing year whilst all other ANG stocks have an October – September fishing year)

The reported catch displayed on this page will not appear until after 1 October and will be for the period ending 30 September. For April and February based species/stocks the reported catch will not match the TACC period.

If you wish to compare reported catch with the TACC of the same period for any of these species/stocks click directly on the required fish stock code or name.
107 items
Species codeFishstock CodeNameReported comm. catch (kg)TACC (kg)Cust. allow. (kg)Rec. allow. (kg)Target In QMS
SFE SFE21 Short-finned eel Waikato/Pover... 34,320 134,000 24,000 19,000 No Yes
SFE SFE22 Short-finned eel Hawke Bay/Wel... 26,681 94,000 14,000 11,000 No Yes
ANG ANG13! Freshwater Eels Lake Ellesmere 22,048 121,930 31,260 3,130 No Yes
ANG ANG15 Freshwater Eels Otago/Southlan... 14,519 117,660 No Yes
ANG ANG16 Freshwater Eels West Coast 11,348 62,720 No Yes
SFE SFE20 Short-finned eel Northland/Auc... 7,990 86,000 30,000 28,000 No Yes
SFE SFE23 Short-finned eel Taranaki/Rang... 4,959 23,000 6,000 5,000 No Yes
LFE LFE21 Long-finned eel Waikato/Povert... 3,127 32,000 16,000 10,000 No Yes
LFE LFE22 Long-finned eel Hawke Bay/Well... 1,673 21,000 6,000 5,000 No Yes
LFE LFE20 Long-finned eel Northland/Auck... 1,259 19,000 10,000 8,000 No Yes
ANG ANG11 Freshwater Eels Nelson/Marlbor... 687 40,000 No Yes
LFE LFE23 Long-finned eel Taranaki/Rangi... 376 9,000 14,000 9,000 No Yes
ANG ANG12 Freshwater Eels North Canterbu... 186 42,740 No Yes
ANG ANG14 Freshwater Eels South Canterbu... 35,100 No Yes
LFE LFE17 Long-finned eel South-East(Cha... 1,000 1,000 1,000 No Yes
SFE SFE17 Short-finned eel South-East(Ch... 10,000 3,000 1,000 No Yes
CAT CAT8 Catfish (Freshwater) Central(W... 2,643 No No
KOI KOI9 Koi Carp Auckland(West) 1,972 No No
CAT CAT1 Catfish (Freshwater) Auckland(... 1,368 No No
KOI KOI1 Koi Carp Auckland(East) 593 No No
CAU CAU9 Goldfish Auckland(West) 580 No No
CAU CAU1 Goldfish Auckland(East) 264 No No
GRP GRP3 Grass Carp South-East(Coast) 2 No No
CAT CAT10 Catfish (Freshwater) Kermadec No No
CAT CAT2 Catfish (Freshwater) Central(E... No No
CAT CAT3 Catfish (Freshwater) South-Eas... No No
CAT CAT4 Catfish (Freshwater) South-Eas... No No
CAT CAT5 Catfish (Freshwater) Southland No No
CAT CAT6 Catfish (Freshwater) Sub-Antar... No No
CAT CAT7 Catfish (Freshwater) Challenge... No No
CAT CAT9 Catfish (Freshwater) Auckland(... No No
CAT CATET Catfish (Freshwater) Extra Ter... No No
CAU CAU10 Goldfish Kermadec No No
CAU CAU2 Goldfish Central(East) No No
CAU CAU3 Goldfish South-East(Coast) No No
CAU CAU4 Goldfish South-East(Chatham Ri... No No
CAU CAU5 Goldfish Southland No No
CAU CAU6 Goldfish Sub-Antartic No No
CAU CAU7 Goldfish Challenger No No
CAU CAU8 Goldfish Central(West) No No
CAU CAUET Goldfish Extra Territorial (20... No No
GLX GLX1 Galaxiid (Adult) Auckland(East... No No
GLX GLX10 Galaxiid (Adult) Kermadec No No
GLX GLX2 Galaxiid (Adult) Central(East) No No
GLX GLX3 Galaxiid (Adult) South-East(Co... No No
GLX GLX4 Galaxiid (Adult) South-East(Ch... No No
GLX GLX5 Galaxiid (Adult) Southland No No
GLX GLX6 Galaxiid (Adult) Sub-Antartic No No
GLX GLX7 Galaxiid (Adult) Challenger No No
GLX GLX8 Galaxiid (Adult) Central(West) No No
GLX GLX9 Galaxiid (Adult) Auckland(West... No No
GLX GLXET Galaxiid (Adult) Extra Territo... No No
GRP GRP1 Grass Carp Auckland(East) No No
GRP GRP10 Grass Carp Kermadec No No
GRP GRP2 Grass Carp Central(East) No No
GRP GRP4 Grass Carp South-East(Chatham ... No No
GRP GRP5 Grass Carp Southland No No
GRP GRP6 Grass Carp Sub-Antartic No No
GRP GRP7 Grass Carp Challenger No No
GRP GRP8 Grass Carp Central(West) No No
GRP GRP9 Grass Carp Auckland(West) No No
GRP GRPET Grass Carp Extra Territorial (... No No
KOI KOI10 Koi Carp Kermadec No No
KOI KOI2 Koi Carp Central(East) No No
KOI KOI3 Koi Carp South-East(Coast) No No
KOI KOI4 Koi Carp South-East(Chatham Ri... No No
KOI KOI5 Koi Carp Southland No No
KOI KOI6 Koi Carp Sub-Antartic No No
KOI KOI7 Koi Carp Challenger No No
KOI KOI8 Koi Carp Central(West) No No
KOI KOIET Koi Carp Extra Territorial (20... No No
KOU KOU1 Koura Auckland (East) No No
KOU KOU10 Koura Kermadec No No
KOU KOU2 Koura Central (East) No No
KOU KOU3 Koura South-East (Coast) No No
KOU KOU4 Koura South-East (Chatham Rise... No No
KOU KOU5 Koura Southland No No
KOU KOU6 Koura Sub-Antarctic No No
KOU KOU7 Koura Challenger No No
KOU KOU8 Koura Central (West) No No
KOU KOU9 Koura Auckland (West) No No
KOU KOUET Koura Extra Territorial (200 m... No No
LFE LFE11 Long-finned eel Nelson/Marlbor... No No
LFE LFE12 Long-finned eel North Canterbu... No No
LFE LFE13! Long-finned eel Lake Ellesmere No No
LFE LFE14 Long-finned eel South Canterbu... No No
LFE LFE15 Long-finned eel Otago/Southlan... No No
LFE LFE16 Long-finned eel Westcoast No No
LFE LFEET Long-finned eel Extra Territor... No No
SFE SFE11 Short-finned eel Nelson/Marlbo... No No
SFE SFE12 Short-finned eel North Canterb... No No
SFE SFE13! Short-finned eel Lake Ellesmer... No No
SFE SFE14 Short-finned eel South Canterb... No No
SFE SFE15 Short-finned eel Otago/Southla... No No
SFE SFE16 Short-finned eel Westcoast No No
SFE SFEET Short-finned eel Extra Territo... No No
SME SME1 Smelt Auckland(East) No No
SME SME10 Smelt Kermadec No No
SME SME2 Smelt Central(East) No No
SME SME3 Smelt South-East(Coast) No No
SME SME4 Smelt South-East(Chatham Rise) No No
SME SME5 Smelt Southland No No
SME SME6 Smelt Sub-Antartic No No
SME SME7 Smelt Challenger No No
SME SME8 Smelt Central(West) No No
SME SME9 Smelt Auckland(West) No No
SME SMEET Smelt Extra Territorial (200 m... No No
    136,595 849,150 155,260 100,130