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Foreign Trade

Exports in 2015 NZ$m

The fishing industry is one of New Zealand’s major export earners, ranking around 7th in terms of total export earnings (behind dairy, meat, wood, machinery, aluminium and fruit). Exports account for approximately 90% of the total revenue earned by the New Zealand fishing industry, and aquaculture makes up around 20% of this total. Whilst the New Zealand fishing industry is a major earner nationally, we are still a fairly minor player globally. New Zealand ranks around 25th in terms of fish exporting nations, accounting for approximately 1.2% of world exports in fish products.

Within this wider context, the New Zealand fishing industry faces a number of challenges when trying to export our products to global markets.  These include overseas market access restrictions, subsidies in many countries and our distance from major markets. Our fishing industry, however, has some significant advantages over most other nations, in terms of the quality and sustainability of our fisheries, our quota management system and our industry's reputation for innovation and responsibility.

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