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The current outcomes identified in the Ministry's Statement of Intent are:
  1. People are able to realise the best value from the sustainable and efficient use of fisheries.
  2. The health of the aquatic environment is protected.
  3. Credible fisheries management.
To achieve these outcomes and ensure accountability we need to:
  • Determine how fisheries management systems and processes can best operate to achieve the Fisheries vision.
  • Set priorities, allocate resources and monitor progress against outcomes.

Fisheries 2030

The Ministry is currently working with tangata whenua and stakeholders to finalise a direction and strategy for our fisheries for the next twenty years.

Subject to Cabinet consideration and approval, the Ministry intends to begin implementing Fisheries 2030 in 2009/10 and expects to have in place a monitoring and evaluation regime to assess delivery against revised and more comprehensive outcomes and our strategic direction by June 2010.  Our next Statement of Intent will reflect the resulting changes.


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